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Factors impacting the likelihood of establishing paternity

Fathers in North Carolina and throughout America are more likely to accept responsibility for a child if the mother is healthy, educated and affluent. They are also more likely to accept responsibility if the child is a boy. Those conclusions came after looking at data from a study published in Human Nature. In the United States, 40.6 percent of children were born to an unmarried couple in 2013.

A father's legitimization of a child in North Carolina

In North Carolina, an unmarried putative father will not have custodial rights to his child unless he establishes his paternity. Paternity may be established through a legal process called legitimation. After a man has established that he is the father of a child, he may then seek to enforce his legal rights.

Determining paternity in North Carolina

If a man is not married to the mother of a child, he is not liable for support until paternity is established. Paternity is the legal finding that a man is the father of a child, and in some cases, proof of a man's outstanding claim to be the legal father. Establishing paternity can have benefits for both the child and the parents.

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