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Determining where a child will live after a divorce

North Carolina parents who decide that they no longer want to be together may have the ability to seek physical custody of their child. While both parents working together to determine who the child would live with is best in ideal situations, some parents cannot do so. In these cases, the court may make the decisions regarding who will be granted primary physical custody of the child.

Video: FAQ: One year separation in North Carolina | Hardin Law Firm PLLC

Media coverage of celebrity divorces, the national divorce rate or procedures like a no-fault divorce filing may create false assumptions about the ease of getting a divorce. North Carolina couples, in particular, may be shocked to learn that a one-year separation is required before filing for divorce.

How to refer to an ex-spouse when kids are involved

For North Carolina parents, going through a divorce can be difficult especially if the split was not amicable. In many cases, parents can have difficulty dealing with their children's other parent if they cannot agree on how to best co-parent. This can even extend to how parents refer to the other when around the kids.

Child custody for North Carolina families

North Carolina child custody laws do not differ very much from other states because like most states, it uses the Uniform Child Custody Act. It adopted this in 1979. It considers the child's wishes when making a custody decision, allows for grandparents' rights and permits joint custody.

Alimony: answers to common questions

Financial matters are at the heart of every divorce, and alimony is an important factor for those who have high-value assets or have been married for several years. Understanding what alimony is and how it is awarded can help ensure you are prepared for court and know what to expect.

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