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Creating consistent house rules following a divorce

Divorced North Carolina parents may find it potentially difficult to handle their children's time, especially when it comes to extracurricular activities, sports and even bedtimes. However, parents may not be prepared to sit down and determine how much screen time the kids should have.

Determining who pays for sports activities and lessons

As North Carolina residents watched the 2016 Summer Olympics, they might have wondered how the various world-class athletes were able to afford the training they needed to make it to the top of their sports. Some people might find it surprising to learn that stars such as Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas were raised by divorced parents who gave sacrifices to help them to succeed.

Why marrying couples should consider a prenup

A common misconception is that a prenuptial agreement is only for the wealthy. While couples in which one or both of the individuals are wealthy are most likely to get a prenup before getting married, there are many other marrying couples of all income levels who get a prenuptial agreement. If you're unsure whether a prenup is the right choice for you and your soon-to-be spouse, here are a few reasons marrying couples should consider getting a prenup.

Settlements in child support cases

Many child support cases in North Carolina are eventually resolved by agreement between the parties. This can either happen by an agreement between the parents, which is frequently negotiated through their attorneys, or through an out-of-court dispute resolution process such as mediation.

Deciding what to do about the marital home in a divorce

Deciding what to do with the marital home is often one of the most important decisions in the property division portion of divorce cases. The home is often the largest asset owned by most North Carolina couples, and both spouses might be listed on the deeds and the mortgages. In some cases, people will be given the option of staying in the home, and they may not know whether they should or if they should instead opt to sell and split the proceeds with the other party.

Ex-wife claims actor Jeremy Renner owes child support

North Carolina movie fans may be interested to learn that, on July 26, it was reported that actor Jeremy Renner's ex-wife was unable to get the back child support that she was owed. According to associated court documents, the ex-wife claimed that he owed more than $48,000 in child support for their 3-year-old daughter.

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