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Will alimony be part of your divorce? Maybe

As you are preparing for divorce, you may be wondering if you will have to pay your future ex-wife alimony in addition to child support. Unfortunately, divorce is rarely a clean break. Very often, couples will always have some sort of relationship after divorce, especially when support payments are involved.

Video: FAQ: Victoria Hardin seeks positive results for clients

In a divorce, there may be different ways to measure a positive result. For example, sparing minor children from additional upset might be a goal common to both parents. Toward that end, our law firm might recommend negotiations outside of the court's involvement, but with each party's attorney present. Instead of courtroom litigation, a couple could mutually work toward resolution of issues like property division, child custody and visitation, and alimony. 

Factors impacting the likelihood of establishing paternity

Fathers in North Carolina and throughout America are more likely to accept responsibility for a child if the mother is healthy, educated and affluent. They are also more likely to accept responsibility if the child is a boy. Those conclusions came after looking at data from a study published in Human Nature. In the United States, 40.6 percent of children were born to an unmarried couple in 2013.

Can trusts act as financial protection for inherited wealth?

When a couple gets married, they always hope that the union will be forever. However, as many North Carolina residents know, some marriages end in divorce, which leads to questions about marital property and division of wealth. In cases where one of the spouses has inherited money in a trust fund, the language of the actual trust might mean the difference between him or her being able to protect that wealth or having to share it with his or her ex-spouse.

Back child support doesn't disappear when kids turn 18

Some custodial parents in North Carolina are owed back child support from their children's noncustodial parents. In some cases, this back debt may remain even as the children reach age 18, and the parents may not be aware that they may still take action to collect on the debt.

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