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August 2017 Archives

7 ways to organize joint physical custody

As a parent going through divorce, you may be advocating for a joint, 50-50 custody split. If you choose a joint physical custody parenting plan, it means that your child will spend half of the time living with you and the other half living with your spouse.

DNA plays a role in parentage confirmation and child support

When a child is born to unmarried North Carolina partners, the man is not automatically compelled to list his name as the father on the birth certificate. He might be referred to as the alleged father until completing a DNA paternity test. He might undergo the test voluntarily to confirm his relationship to the child, or do so to comply with a court order related to the determination of child support obligations.

Blac Chyna could end up paying Rob Kardashian child support

North Carolina celebrity watchers may be aware of the quick courtship, engagement and breakup of stars Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna in 2016. Their relationship produced a daughter who is now at the center of a custody dispute. Though neither parent has requested child support payments at this point, Kardashian is believed to be the one most likely to make the request.

Child support calculators should be used with caution

North Carolina parents who are going through a divorce might have used child support calculators to estimate the amount that will be ordered by the court. But child support calculators are only capable of giving a rough estimate of what child support amounts will actually be. Without understanding that, a parent could be in for a surprise when the actual amount of child support is decided by a judge.

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