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Dividing assets fairly in a divorce

North Carolina couples who are getting a divorce can avoid some common financial mistakes. One of those may be keeping the home in exchange for a more liquid asset of equal value. In looking at the value, people may fail to account for the cost of maintaining the home. Accounting for this means the house might actually be worth less than the retirement account or other liquid asset for which it was exchanged. Furthermore, many people may struggle after a divorce to maintain the family home on a single income.

Keeping parenting disputes out of court

After a divorce, North Carolina families must face the daunting challenge of living in separate households. Children must deal with the emotional strain of two separate homes and the breaking of their once secure family. Parents have a responsibility during this time to make this transition as easy as possible for children. Parents often feel the urge to take their parenting issues and disagreements back to court, but this doesn't always work the way they envision. Instead, parents should seek other means to provide the support and consistency their children need to adapt to post-divorce life.

Shared parenting can benefit family relationships after divorce

Child custody can be a difficult challenge for divorcing parents in North Carolina. Some of the difficulties can be attributed to the current U.S. family court system, which often tends to default to giving the mother sole or primary physical custody.

Co-parenting and paying for back-to-school items

Some divorced parents in North Carolina will have occasional disputes relating to raising their children. One of these issues may involve the financial responsibility for paying for their children's back-to-school costs. If parents are careful to anticipate these types of potential issues during their divorces, they may be able to create better parenting plans.

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