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December 2017 Archives

How the new tax bill affects alimony

The Republican tax bill, which was signed into law in December 2017, will affect alimony payments for people in North Carolina and throughout the country who get divorced in 2019 or later. Under the old tax laws, the person who pays alimony does not pay tax on the amount; however, the ex who receives alimony does. The new law says alimony will not be tax-deductible for the payee, and the recipient will no longer have to pay taxes on it.

The best way to spend your alimony payments

When a North Carolina judge awards you alimony in your divorce, you have received a boon that many women are not so fortunate to receive. That said, just because you get to receive alimony money does not mean that your financial troubles have been solved.

Keeping dads in the picture during custody disputes

Most North Carolina children do better in school and at home when their fathers are involved in their lives. However, there have been prevailing stereotypes that label fathers as being irresponsible, unreliable and inclined towards having abusive tendencies. These stereotypes have hurt many fathers' abilities to seek equal custody rights.

Refinancing a home after divorce

A couple in North Carolina who is getting a divorce may need to divide their house. In many cases, this will require refinancing. Refinancing is usually necessary to remove one person from the mortgage. Otherwise, that spouse could remain responsible for the home regardless of what is agreed in the divorce, and this can be harmful to that person's credit.

Unique child custody plans can help kids during divorce

Parents in North Carolina who are planning for divorce may be looking for child custody solutions that honor the role of both parents and keep a child's life as undisturbed as possible. Despite the rocky roads that lead to divorce, some parents place a priority on retaining an amicable relationship for the benefit of the children. These couples often seek custody plans that keep both parents fully connected to their children's lives.

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