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How does marital misconduct affect alimony?

Marriages require sacrifices. Usually, one spouse gives up their employment opportunities to take care of the household, while the other gives up time they could spend with their children to receive an income. The spouse who stayed at home has no way of supporting...

Can you modify alimony in North Carolina?

Those who have gone through a divorce can tell you that there is so much more to the process than simply going your separate ways. In fact, divorce is often comprised of mini cases within one large case. North Carolina courts take everything from child custody to...

Factors used in calculating alimony

Since many spouses depend on one another for financial support, North Carolina courts take that into consideration during divorce. The court may order one spouse to pay alimony to the other for a set time or permanently. While no set rules exist for alimony in most...

Tax law changes affect alimony after 2019

Spouses in North Carolina considering divorce may wish to learn about the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on their future plans for spousal support and alimony. In the past, the recipient paid taxes on the alimony while the payer could deduct the sum. This...

How the new tax bill affects alimony

The Republican tax bill, which was signed into law in December 2017, will affect alimony payments for people in North Carolina and throughout the country who get divorced in 2019 or later. Under the old tax laws, the person who pays alimony does not pay tax on the...

Changes in law could affect alimony amounts

North Carolina residents that are considering divorce and might need to negotiate alimony might be affected by a proposed change in the law that could affect payment amounts. The changes relate to the provision that allows those who pay alimony to claim the amount as...

Support issues after a divorce

North Carolina couples who are ending their marriage often have to make difficult decisions about asset division and ongoing maintenance payments. These issues can become even more challenging if they have children.It is not unusual in a divorce for one spouse to make...

Rules for tax-deductible alimony payments

When North Carolina couples get a divorce, one person may be obligated to pay alimony. Usually, the recipient must pay taxes on the alimony while the payer can deduct it from taxes. However, there are several provisions that must be in place before this deduction will...

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