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Is tracking assets necessary when divorcing?

A divorce settlement involves both spouses negotiating on several financial matters. Things could go wrong in a North Carolina family courtroom if one or both parties did not perform a full accounting of all assets. Mistakes made from poor bookkeeping or rushing to...

What you can gain from a divorce settlement

North Carolina residents who are considering ending their marriages should know what they can expect to gain from a divorce settlement. Though many people do not plan for the possibility of a divorce, entering into a prenuptial or post-marital agreement can establish...

How does divorce affect your Thrift Savings Plan?

North Carolina is home to many different bases that military members find themselves stationed at. Due to the high number of armed forces personnel living in this state, the rate of military divorce tends to be higher than in other states. If you're currently a member...

How can money issues cause marital troubles?

Money troubles are one of the leading causes in divorce in North Carolina and around the country. If you're getting married for the second time, you might feel like you've finally found someone who shares your viewpoints about money. However, this isn't always the...

How might divorce proceedings affect businesses?

North Carolina business owners may discover that divorce proceedings prove disruptive to their professional endeavors. The serious and involved nature of a divorce isn’t something a business owner or top executive may easily put aside when work duties arrive. Damage...

What to know about filing for divorce

If you think that your marriage is about to come to an end, it may be in your best interest to file divorce paperwork before your spouse does. This is because it enables you to put together a team of North Carolina professionals who may help you obtain a favorable...

Fayeteville, NC Alimony Law

Many divorcees may not realize is that there are circumstances that can prompt the need for an alimony modification. The supporting spouse may have lost his or her job or received a large raise, or the receiving spouse can remarry or have a change in their income....

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