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Child support lawsuit filed against Miguel Cabrera

North Carolina fans of baseball player Miguel Cabrera may not know that he has been paying child support to a woman in Florida since 2013. Cabrera, who has been married since 2002, has kept the relationship private, but the woman has filed a lawsuit against him alleging that he has reduced the amount of child support he owes to $6,400 per month after helping her buy a home. The woman says the amount is not enough to meet her expenses.

When wages are garnished for child support

Some North Carolina employees may be among those whose wages are being garnished for child support payments. On Sept. 27, the ADP Research Institute released a study that was based on date from 12 million workers. The study found that 7 percent of workers have had their wages garnished, and most of those garnishments were for child support.

Co-parenting and paying for back-to-school items

Some divorced parents in North Carolina will have occasional disputes relating to raising their children. One of these issues may involve the financial responsibility for paying for their children's back-to-school costs. If parents are careful to anticipate these types of potential issues during their divorces, they may be able to create better parenting plans.

DNA plays a role in parentage confirmation and child support

When a child is born to unmarried North Carolina partners, the man is not automatically compelled to list his name as the father on the birth certificate. He might be referred to as the alleged father until completing a DNA paternity test. He might undergo the test voluntarily to confirm his relationship to the child, or do so to comply with a court order related to the determination of child support obligations.

Child support calculators should be used with caution

North Carolina parents who are going through a divorce might have used child support calculators to estimate the amount that will be ordered by the court. But child support calculators are only capable of giving a rough estimate of what child support amounts will actually be. Without understanding that, a parent could be in for a surprise when the actual amount of child support is decided by a judge.

Modifying a child support order

In many North Carolina divorces where one parent is the primary caregiver of one or more minor children, the other parent is usually required to pay a certain amount in child support each and every month. However, there are situations where the parent who is required to pay child support suddenly cannot due to a significant change in circumstances. Before that parent can get the payment amount reduced, he or she must have the child support order modified by the court.

Determining child support outside of the courtroom

When North Carolina parents of minor children decide to end their marriage, the issue of child support will most likely need to be addressed. The state has statutory guidelines that courts will use when determining the amount of support that a noncustodial parent will be ordered to pay. However, parents can choose other methods to establish the amount.

An overview of child support collection

If a North Carolina parent is entitled to child support, a state disbursement unit may be of assistance in collecting it for and distributing it to that parent. It is also the job of the SDU to accurately identify payments as well as provide payment records to a parent or to a court. It is important to note that the SDU must work on behalf of parents who receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

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