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Study reveals the dangers of adolescent relationships

Almost half of the women murdered in North Carolina and around the country each year lose their lives at the hands of their current or former intimate partners. The dangers faced by adult women in abusive relationships are widely recognized, but the findings of a study published on April 15 in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics suggest that adolescent girls often face the same perils. Relationship problems among teenagers are often dismissed as just a part of growing up, but the study of police reports, medical examiner findings and coroner's records reveal that they often turn deadly.

Smart homes and domestic violence concerns

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly common here in America. The list of smart home devices out there is continually growing. It includes things such as internet- connected cameras, lights, locks, speakers and thermostats. According to one estimate, 29 million U.S. homes had some degree of smart technology in them in 2017. The same report found that the number of American homes with such technology is growing at a rate of around 31 percent a year.

Video: FAQ: Victoria Hardin seeks positive results for clients

In a divorce, there may be different ways to measure a positive result. For example, sparing minor children from additional upset might be a goal common to both parents. Toward that end, our law firm might recommend negotiations outside of the court's involvement, but with each party's attorney present. Instead of courtroom litigation, a couple could mutually work toward resolution of issues like property division, child custody and visitation, and alimony. 

If you need a protective order, you need an attorney

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, in an amicable separation, both parties can agree to mediation or an uncontested divorce, eschewing the need for attorneys. If there has been a history of physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse in your marriage, the best way to protect yourself is to hire an experienced divorce attorney. He or she understands what evidence helps, as well as the hearings and filings required to obtain a protective order.

Domestic violence and divorce: How protective orders can help

Divorce is difficult in the best of times, but if a divorce occurs in a marriage already burdened with domestic abuse, the process can be dangerous and drawn-out in court. Unless there is a clear history of provable abuse (through medical or law enforcement records), the spouse who was victimized may have a difficult time during court proceedings. Working with an experienced family law attorney and seeking a protective order to prevent further abuse or harassment during the divorce proceedings are great ways to minimize the anxiety the divorce process may cause.

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