Video: FAQ: One Year Separation in North Carolina | Hardin Law Firm Pllc

Media coverage of celebrity divorces, the national divorce rate or procedures like a no-fault divorce filing may create false assumptions about the ease of getting a divorce. North Carolina couples, in particular, may be shocked to learn that a one-year separation is required before filing for divorce.

Legal separation requires separate residences and an intention of permanently living apart. However, a lot can happen in one year. For that reason, our family law firm advises couples to meet with an attorney before taking action. We have helped many couples execute contracts that govern the terms of their legal separation.

Our firm prides itself on exhaustive preparation and open communication. That work ethic is evident from our first meeting with clients, where we take a proactive approach. For example, a separation agreement that addresses key issues, like alimony and property divisions, may save time in future divorce negotiations. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients in Fayetteville and greater North Carolina negotiate the divorce settlement that best suits their needs. Our work values of preparation and communication make that result possible.

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