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Separation Agreements In North Carolina

In order to get divorced in North Carolina, a couple must be separated for at least one year. It is not necessary to obtain a separation agreement, but it is advisable in some circumstances.

A separation is a contract between a husband and wife that addresses issues such as property division, alimony, custody and child support.

At Hardin Law Firm PLLC, we can help you draft a separation agreement that protects your rights and interests, or review one to make sure you know exactly what you are signing.

Protect Assets With A Premarital Agreement

For many people planning to get married, a premarital (or prenuptial) agreement is an effective means of protecting assets and eliminating nagging financial concerns.

If you wish to establish a premarital agreement or you are considering signing one, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney. We can draft, review or negotiate your prenup so that your rights are protected.

Premarital agreements are especially useful for those entering into a second marriage or those who have children from outside the marriage. Oftentimes, however, these agreements do not hold up in court because they are poorly drafted.

We can help you establish premarital agreements that stand up to scrutiny. We also establish postnuptial agreements, which are established during, rather than prior to, the marriage.

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