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If you are struggling with a family law issue in North Carolina, Hardin Law Firm can guide you toward the solutions you are seeking. Our law firm has a proven record of success handling family law cases for families throughout Fayetteville, Carthage, Fort Bragg, and Cumberland and Moore Counties. 

Hardin Law Firm is a full-service family law firm that can provide you with the quality advice and advocacy you need regarding family law issues like domestic violence, fathers’ rights, separation agreements, premarital agreements, and same-sex marriage. 

Some of the types of issues our Family Lawyers in Fayetteville, North Carolina have a decade of experience include:

  • Child custody – We can help you make the right decisions regarding the parent-child relationship after divorce, including building a case for primary custody or rights to visitation
  • Child support – We can represent you in initial child support determinations based on North Carolina’s official guidelines as well as motions for child support modification and enforcement
  • Fathers’ rights – We also represent fathers looking to assert their rights to custody and visitation, and we have helped numerous fathers establish their paternity and build a case for custody
  • Divorce – We can guide you through all aspects of divorce in North Carolina, from filing the initial petition to settling the final settlement agreement
  • Military divorce – Our firm has a dedicated practice for military divorce; if you or your spouse are an active or retired military service member, we can advise you on the legal issues that are unique to military divorce and family law
  • Property division – We can protect your financial interests in the equitable division of marital property like retirement benefits, the family home, and other real and personal property

For more information on our firm’s legal services, feel free to call or reach out online for an initial consultation today.

Filing for Divorce in North Carolina

Divorce is one of the most common family law issues clients seek help on. At Hardin Law Firm, we can guide you through the process of filing for divorce, whether you are looking to file for traditional divorce or military divorce.

In general, either spouse can file for divorce in North Carolina so long as they meet the residency requirement of residing in the state for 6 consecutive months and living separately for one year prior to filing. Divorce can be based on a fault ground (e.g., abandonment, domestic violence) or on a no-fault ground (“irreconcilable differences”).

An experienced Fayetteville family lawyer can help you better understand the detailed steps of the divorce process and how to resolve your family law disputes. Whether you have questions about your rights as a father or as an active-duty military service member, Hardin Law Firm is here to protect your interests.

Contact Our Fayetteville Family Law Attorneys

Our experienced Fayetteville family law attorneys have a deep understanding of the specific laws and regulations that apply to North Carolina family law cases. We can provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected. 

At Hardin Law Firm, we are committed to providing families with the legal representation and support they need during this challenging time. Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your military divorce case and explore your options.

Schedule an initial consultation with Hardin Law Firm to get started on your case.

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North Carolina Family Law FAQ

What are the unique legal issues related to military divorce?

Military divorce involves complex issues such as the division of military pensions, benefits, and the impact of deployment on child custody arrangements. It is essential to work with an attorney experienced in military divorce to navigate these unique legal matters.

How long does it take to finalize a military divorce in Fayetteville, NC?

The timeline for finalizing a military divorce in Fayetteville, NC can vary based on factors such as the complexity of assets, child custody arrangements, and the willingness of both parties to cooperate. It's best to consult with a family law attorney to understand the specific timeline for your case.

Are there residency requirements for filing for divorce in North Carolina?

Yes, in North Carolina, either spouse must have resided in the state for at least 6 consecutive months before filing for divorce. Additionally, they must have lived separately for one year prior to filing, unless the divorce is based on fault grounds.

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