Court Denies Request for Custody Restrictions for Chris Brown

North Carolina residents who keep an eye on celebrity news may be interested to learn that, on May 24, singer Chris Brown was determined to be fit to care for his daughter. The decision was made after the mother of the child requested that the singer’s access to the child be restricted due to alleged gang affiliation and drugs.

Brown reportedly will continue to have custody of his daughter for 12 days each month. Although the mother had requested a monitor for supervised visits, the court did not require the visits to be supervised.

In addition to seeking a restriction on custody, the mother of the 1-year-old child was also looking to have her child support increased. She reportedly receives $2,500 every month but was allegedly looking to have that amount increased to nearly $16,000 per month. This case is still ongoing.

Child custody and support cases can be difficult for both parents. In many cases, the child lives primarily with one parent while spending a certain amount of time with the other. The noncustodial parent then usually provides financial assistance that helps pay for medical care, school needs, shelter and food, among other things.

To determine how much time the noncustodial parent gets with their child is determined by the court. If the custodial parent wants to have the other parent’s access to the child restricted for any reason, a family law attorney may assist by providing evidence that shows that the allegations are unfounded. If the custodial parent prevents the other parent from seeing their child on the appointed days, the attorney may also represent the parent when working out a solution.

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