Reality Show Star in Court Battle Over Son

Nicole Curtis, the star of the show Rehab Artist, is currently in the middle of a very contentious court battle over custody of her 1-year-old son. Curtis, 40 and her ex-boyfriend, 54, have both filed motions against each other.

The case began when Curtis’s ex-boyfriend filed a suit to prove his paternity just after the child was born. At the time, Curtis had total custody of their son, but when paternity was determined, she filed for child support and his part of the cost for their son’s birth. At the time, she alleged that her ex-boyfriend, a business man, was making significantly more money than he reported to the court and was granted appropriate child support. The father was granted parenting time.

Both parents filed complaints against each other, with Curtis alleging that the father drove without a car seat and took the child out in inappropriate clothes during cold weather, and the father claiming that Curtis’s attempt to seal the case was just a ruse to get further publicity for her show. Curtis then requested to move to California, but the court ruled that the shared parenting had to continue both in California and in Minnesota, and the father was granted overnight visits on weekends, in accordance with fathers’ rights. The ex-couple have since continued filing complaints against each other and Curtis has complained that the courts treat children as the parents’ possessions in making their decisions.

In cases such as this, a parent might benefit from seeking the legal advice that a family law lawyer can offer, which might be helpful beyond the legal aspect of the case. Consulting a lawyer who can take care of the paperwork and notices involved with custody battles might help co-parents with involved child support negotiations.

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