Can You Go to Jail for Not Paying Child Support?

Are you waiting to receive child support payments from the other parent of your child? Maybe the other parent is telling you that the money is coming soon, or that it’s not his or her fault. Regardless, the reasons and excuses, if you’re struggling financially due to unpaid child support, the law is on your side.

The state of North Carolina takes child support orders seriously. According to our legal system, a non-custodial parent has a legal obligation to help pay for the financial needs of his or her children. Failing to meet one’s court-ordered legal obligations will put a non-custodial parent in contempt of court, and this could result in an arrest.

Recent case illustrates child support enforcement efforts

A recent arrest illustrates the way the court will enforce a child support order. Police arrested a preacher, who is currently at Onslow County Jail, for his alleged failure to pay child support. Onslow County Sheriff’s deputies took the 49-year-old man into custody and charged him with failure to adhere to a court order.

According to a representative of the sheriff’s office, the matter was straightforward. The preacher allegedly received court orders, and he did not follow those orders.

Non-paying parents can be held in custody until they pay

When dealing with a non-paying parent, North Carolina courts will hold the parent in custody and set the bond for release at the amount the parent has failed to pay. In this preacher’s case, he will stay in Onslow County Jail until he satisfies his bond of $8,116, which is the amount he allegedly owes in overdue child support.

Is it time to enforce your child support order?

North Carolina parents waiting on child support might feel sorry for the other parent. Yes, it could be true that the other parent is having a rough time. However, sacrificing your and your children’s welfare due to unpaid child support is also unfair to you and your family.

If you’re owed unpaid support payments, you may be able to bring your financial suffering to an end quickly and efficiently. By talking with a North Carolina family law attorney, you can learn about your legal rights and options for enforcing a child support order.

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