Blac Chyna Could End up Paying Rob Kardashian Child Support

North Carolina celebrity watchers may be aware of the quick courtship, engagement and breakup of stars Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna in 2016. Their relationship produced a daughter who is now at the center of a custody dispute. Though neither parent has requested child support payments at this point, Kardashian is believed to be the one most likely to make the request.

Nine-month-old Dream Kardashian lives most of the time with her father, who reportedly makes less money than Dream’s mother. According to sources, the couple is close to coming to a custody agreement, but whether or not Kardashian winds up with primary custody, he is likely to be in a position to request child support.

Kardashian left his family’s reality TV show in 2012 and has only made occasional appearances on it since then. He and Blac Chyna almost had their own TV show in 2016, but plans for that got cancelled when their romantic relationship ended. Reportedly, Kardashian’s current income is limited to what he makes for his occasional appearances on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. Blac Chyna reportedly makes much more money from her various gigs and appearances.

Traditionally mothers have been seen as the most likely parent to get custody of children in a divorce and to receive child support payments from the children’s father. Despite today’s changing attitudes towards traditional gender roles, sometimes fathers find themselves having to fight harder for their parental rights. The primary goal of a judge in a child custody case is to do what is best for the child. The viewpoint today is leaning towards the idea that children are best off spending time with both parents, but biases still remain and sometimes a father’s parental rights are overlooked or even violated. Fathers who have been affected in such a manner might want to meet with a family law attorney and discuss their situation.

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