Car Insurance After a Divorce

North Carolina couples who are getting a divorce will likely have to untangle many joint assets. If a couple has a shared car insurance policy, this is one more thing to be separated.

Car insurance is usually one of the last things handled in a divorce, and one person cannot be removed from a policy without this party’s consent. A couple normally has separate living addresses and vehicles when separating car insurance. Insurance companies want whoever is ensuring a vehicle to be on the title. When ready to separate insurance, it is easiest to have a vehicle with only one person on the title.

The person seeking a new policy can work with other companies or the same one. If a home and vehicle are ensured with the same carrier, the person retaining the home might keep the car insurance policy for convenience.

Someone should not be removed from an insurance policy until this person secures new insurance. When completing the process, a signed removal request is usually needed. If one person is making it difficult to get separate policies, then the other person may want to get a new policy and sign a removal request while the other person stays on the old policy.

Several factors may determine how the division of marital property is handled. Couples could use mediation or negation when arranging a fair settlement for both people. Separate property is not typically subject to division while marital property generally is. However, questions might arise about whether was was originally separate became commingled. The advice of a family law attorney can be helpful in this regard.

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