Child Support Dispute Between Kelis and Nas

North Carolina fans of entertainers Kelis or Nas might be aware that they are involved in a dispute over child support. They have an 8-year-old son.

The child support dispute comes on the heels of a custody dispute that was settled in January. Nas had argued that Kelis was hostile and was concerned about his ability to see his son. He was given four full weekends in the first three months of the year to spend with the child.

Nas also pays $8,000 monthly in child support. However, Kelis has filed paperwork asking for more. Reportedly, she is arguing that the child needs more now that he is older. The paperwork allegedly also says that Nas should be able to pay more since he is earning more. It is not clear how much Kelis wants, but she has asked for Nas to pay for at least half of their child’s unreimbursed health care, his child care and his costs for education.

Issues around child custody and support can be among the most difficult to resolve during and after a divorce. Both parents usually want what is best for the child, but they may also find it difficult to move past their anger with each other to try and fix the problems that arise. One thing parents should keep in mind is that keeping a child from the other parent because that parent has not paid child support is never appropriate or allowable. The legal system can help a parent collect child support in other ways. A parent who can no longer make regular child support payments should not simply stop paying but instead seek a modification with the help of an attorney.

Source: Complex, “Kelis Wants More Money in Child Support From Nas“, Victoria Johnson, Feb. 9, 2018

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