The Right Attorney Is Important When Getting a Divorce

Divorce is a disruptive event for any North Carolina family from the time of the initial communication breakdown to the point where divorce is imminent. This is even more true in families with young children who do not understand what is happening. Not only is the family structure changing, but their whole living routine will be adjusting as well. And don’t forget about the financial and marital property division process associated with any divorce. Experienced North Carolina divorce lawyers understand that all marriages are different, but all separations are also similar in some respects when a family is going through a difficult time.

Divorces involving dependent children usually begin with temporary custody and visitation arrangements unless there are extenuating domestic violence issues. This is not uncommon in contemporary society. Having a legal representative who focuses exclusively on family law issues means you have a professional on your side who is looking out for your children while negotiating a feasible and reasonable visitation schedule while the divorce is being processed. Visitation rights in normal situations begin at the point of separation, and temporary arrangements are often the first step when there are no criminal aspects of the case.

Mediation is a legal tool that more and more states want to see implemented in divorce cases, including North Carolina. An amicable divorce is always best for all parties, and mediation provides a format for the discussion of problems that both sides have in the process. Division of marital property, agreements on child support and issues regarding alimony can all be negotiated by the divorcing spouses and their legal counsel in an informal discussion that keeps the details out of public court. Mediation should produce an agreement that can then be presented for acceptance by a state judge.

While any lawyer could handle the financial aspects of a divorce proceeding, it is always best to retain the services of a divorce attorney who understands all the potential family problems that could arise. This is especially true when domestic violence or other criminal issues are an element of the case. Just as in any other field of law, you should always work with a dedicated professional who is focused on family law practice.

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