How Supervised Visitation Works in Child Custody Cases

Co-parenting after a divorce is not for the faint of heart. North Carolina courts seek to ensure that their rulings reflect the best interest of the child. However, in some child custody cases, doing so means setting up supervised visitation.

Locations vary

It is up to the judge to decide an appropriate location for the supervised visit. In some cases, this may be the parent’s home. In other situations, it may be a visitation facility, or the office of a psychologist who is treating the child. The supervision comes from a social worker or similar professional who is there to ensure the child’s safety.

Triggers for supervised visitation

What makes a parent unfit? In the past, fathers in child custody cases experienced some unfair treatment because they maintained their careers. It suggested that they did not have the time to co-parent consistently.

However, this is now changing. Moreover, supervised visitation generally makes it possible for any parent who may have a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, and similar problems to still have a relationship with the child. It is a safety net that encourages fathers and mothers to maintain their connections with the youngster after divorce.

How long do supervised visits go on?

When the judge orders that visits with the child must happen under supervision, they will tell the parents whether this is a temporary or permanent ruling. If the court is investigating one parent’s fitness to be with the child, the order might only be temporary. If the court has already determined that visitation will go on indefinitely, the affected parent may take steps to fix the situation and submit proof to the court.

Does your custody agreement include a restrictive visitation order? Does it need one? You may be able to protect your rights and the rights of your child by discussing the situation with an attorney.

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