Unique Child Custody Plans Can Help Kids During Divorce

Parents in North Carolina who are planning for divorce may be looking for child custody solutions that honor the role of both parents and keep a child’s life as undisturbed as possible. Despite the rocky roads that lead to divorce, some parents place a priority on retaining an amicable relationship for the benefit of the children. These couples often seek custody plans that keep both parents fully connected to their children’s lives.

While the mother is often granted sole custody with visitation periods for the father, there has been a shift toward joint or shared custody in which parents share time as equally as possible. Research has repeatedly shown the strong benefits of having both parents fully involved. This has also led to the development of innovative child custody plans and agreements.

One such child custody agreement is “nesting,” in which the children stay in the home while the parents leave and return. The custody style takes its name from a bird nest, where baby birds stay as the parent birds come and go. It is similar to shared custody, except that it is the parents who shift their residences rather than the children. In general, the parents will also retain an apartment that they share residency on their week away from the home. This arrangement can also work to help transition children to a more traditional shared custody agreement and give them a feeling of permanence during the most difficult times of a divorce.

Whether the situation is amicable or more contested, parents seeking divorce can consult with a family law attorney to receive important support and representation during the child custody planning process. A lawyer can help both parents make sure that their custody plans fulfill the requirements of state laws.

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