Divorce Can Be Particularly Difficult for Children

For many North Carolina parents, hashing out child custody details can be one of the most difficult parts of the divorce. However, the divorce can be particularly difficult for the kids, especially if their parents cannot work together or spend their time arguing. To make the transition easier for the children, there are certain things that parents can do.

Parents should avoid getting into arguments in front of their children as this can have lasting effects on them. In some cases, it can give the kids major anxiety and affect their performance in school. Parents should also avoid talking badly about their ex-spouse as this can put the kids in a bad position. If the two parents are not able to have calm discussions with each other without erupting into shouting and fighting, it may be best for them to limit communication and use text, emails or their attorneys.

The divorce process can be difficult for everyone involved, so it may be appropriate to enroll the children in therapy if it becomes apparent that they are not coping well. If the children are not comfortable talking about their feelings with their parents, they may find it helpful to have a child psychologist who can assist with processing the changes. Parents may also wish to join in family counseling or even individual therapy themselves.

It can be particularly difficult for parents to come to an agreement on certain child custody issues, like who gets the kids when and who gets to make decisions regarding their schooling and medical care. If mediation does not work, a family law attorney may seek primary custody on the parent’s behalf. If the ex-spouse is also seeking primary custody, the attorney may argue that it is in the best interests of the child to keep them with their client.

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