David Hasselhoff Wants to Stop Paying Spousal Support

North Carolina residents who are paying or receiving spousal support might be interested in actor David Hasselhoff’s alimony case. The actor, who has been paying support to his ex-wife, has filed a petition in the court to stop paying it altogether.

According to media sources, the actor paid $21,000 monthly or over $2.5 million in alimony payments to his ex-wife for 10 years before successfully arguing to have that amount reduced to $10,000. The actor argued that had only had $4,000 in liquid assets although he was reportedly worth $1.79 million at that moment, and that he had had to withdraw funds from this retirement plan account to be able to pay for living expenses. He has also complained that at 63, he should not have to continue working to support his ex-wife of 16 years and that instead he should be focused on planning his retirement.

In seeking to have the alimony payments completely stopped, Hasselhoff argued that his ex-wife is just living off the alimony payments and has not and is not actively attempting to learn a new skill, find a job and rejoin the workforce. Additionally, he believes that he should not have to continue paying to support her lifestyle when she is doing nothing to contribute to it.

When people are in this type of a dispute, a lawyer with family law experience might help them negotiate a fair settlement and represent them in negotiations and in court. A lawyer might also offer information about how alimony is calculated.

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