A Co-parenting Plan Can Be Important After Divorce

It’s no secret that North Carolina divorces can get pretty messy when children are involved. While both parents may care deeply about the best interests of their children, it can be very difficult for divorcing spouses to come to an agreement on a number of contentious issues. Most parents are dedicated to having the highest possible amount of time with their children. Absent of abuse, it’s important to support a child’s close relationships with both parents.

A parenting plan can be an important part of the co-parenting relationship following a divorce. When divorcing mothers and fathers work together to develop a plan, they can create a new relationship that is based on supporting their children. In this context, it can be helpful to consider one’s spouse as something akin to a business partner. This places the relationship with the children as the new primary connection between former spouses.

This kind of plan can include a written agreement that not only lays out the framework for shared child custody but also creates guidelines for the parents in dealing with a range of emergent issues. Unexpected schedule changes, emergencies and other issues have the potential to lead to conflict between co-parents. Laying out a system to resolve conflicts in advance can help to prevent confrontations that impact the children.

Parents can collaborate with a family law attorney to develop proposals for a parenting plan that preserves and fosters their close, loving relationship with their children. A lawyer can provide advice and representation on child custody, visitation, support and other matters in the divorce.

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