Summertime Can Create Problems With Custody Schedules

Most North Carolina parents view the approach of summer with mixed feelings. While there will soon be a break from the pressures of early morning wake-up, homework and other school-related obligations, summer means the kids will have a lot of free time on their hands. This can be especially difficult for children of divorce who are splitting time between two homes and will likely have a different custody arrangement for at least part of the summer break. It’s important for parents to be aware of the issues and cooperate to minimize the potential conflicts that may result.

Family relationship experts can explain how good co-parenting skills should not cease when the divorce is final; these skills are in many ways more important when the kids are sharing time in two households. For whatever reason the marriage didn’t work out, the children are not responsible and should experience as little stress as possible. The biggest things that the parents can do are to communicate with each other, be realistic about expectations and inform the kids of the game plan.

The bottom line is to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect for all concerned. Each parent should work toward ensuring that the kids have a close, loving relationship with the other parent. As children mature, it can be wise to solicit their input regarding summer plans. The same schedule that once worked years before may not be practical presently, and when individuals are involved in decisions regarding their own life, they tend to be more agreeable and cooperative.

Maintaining a good and healthy relationship after divorce is a work in progress. A family law attorney may assist in providing both legal advice and emotional support throughout the ongoing divorce process.

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