Excessive Working and Marital Strain

Married couples find themselves falling apart for many reasons, such as an affair or one person struggling with an addiction. Some people not only have an addiction to drugs and alcohol but to work. It is often tough to stay in a marriage with someone who is a workaholic, and we realize that many marriages fall apart due to excessive work. Moreover, if you are working far too many hours each week, this likely not only creates problems for you on a personal level but also places strain on your marriage. Also, if you are in the middle of a divorce, concentrating on family law matters is likely harder as well.

People work too many hours for different reasons. Some become addicted to their lifestyle and simply feel as if they have to, while others work many hours because of serious financial problems they are facing. Regardless of the reasons why people work so much, it is important to understand the different challenges this presents. If you are in the midst of the divorce process because your spouse is upset with how much you work, or for any reason, it is likely a smart move to reduce the number of hours you work (at least temporarily) in order to ensure that you approach the end of your marriage appropriately.

Changing one’s life is very hard, and for some people, taking a break from work is not possible. If you are married to someone who works too much and you have lost interest in the relationship, divorce is likely. We talk about other topics related to filing for divorce on our blog.

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