Child Support Payments and Serious Health Challenges

For many people, child support is an especially difficult aspect of family law. Even when parents are healthy and happy, making payments (or receiving payments that are owed) becomes impossible in certain instances, such as the loss of a job or the other parent failing to cooperate. However, we understand that some parents have an especially hard time working through child support matters they are facing, such as those who are struggling with a very serious health crisis.

Whether a parent was recently diagnosed with cancer or they sustained a serious injury in an accident, there are a host of reasons why parents have to work through incredibly tough problems with respect to their health and physical well-being. These challenges can interfere with their ability to keep paying child support, especially if they have to miss work because of their condition or they are unable to take care of their financial obligations as a result of how overwhelmed they are.

Not only do serious health problems keep some parents from paying child support, but those who depend on their former partner’s support often face a much harder time when payments are not made. Regardless of the way in which a health crisis is impacting your ability to move forward, it is important to review the options that are in front of you. For example, modifying a child support order is one way that many parents work through these tough times, while others benefit from child support enforcement. We cover many other topics related to family law on our blog, so take this chance to find out more about addressing child support concerns.

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