Is a Parenting Plan Helpful?

North Carolina divorce proceedings may be stressful and unpleasant for many estranged spouses. Caring parents often realize that their divorce could have a negative impact on their children. Taking careful and deliberative steps to help children handle the experience might help. Coming up with a practical and thoughtful co-parenting plan can be essential.

Addressing conflict with a parenting plan

Parenting plans¬†heavily involve the devising of visitation schedules. The plans might do more than set up “days and times.” The plans may potentially reduce conflict and confrontations between ex-spouses.

Some divorces could prove contentious, and exposing children to problems between their parents might have long-term psychological effects. Cutting back on potential troubles by coming up with a parenting plan may help. In very challenging situations, the plan may set up an agreed upon pick-up and drop-off location where the two parents need not interact with one another. In other cases, the parenting plan may set visitation times in a manner compatible with both parents’ work schedules.

Not every parent follows a traditional work schedule, which could create some confusion. Of course, work provides income, and income is necessary to support the child. Leaving a high-paying “atypical” job might not be in anyone’s best interest. Carefully working out visitation plans in advance might add some coherency to the situation.

Working out details with a parenting plan

During divorce proceedings, both spouses may come to quick, amicable agreements to a parenting plan. Things don’t always work out this way with every divorce. Issues surrounding schooling, religious training, time investments in sports, and other pursuits may hit stumbling blocks. Parents might be far apart on these and other issues, leading to a stalled parenting plan.

Attorneys may attempt to negotiate the disagreements to reach an agreeable outcome. Perhaps a judge will render a decision when an impasse arrives. Hopefully, the result serves a child’s best interests.

Child custody negotiations might prove more complicated than parents may realize. A family law attorney might assist a client dealing with such challenges.

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