Should You Choose a 50/50 Custody Arrangement?

Custody arrangements aren’t always 50/50. You could go with 70/30 or some other ratio. 50/50 child custody arrangements are ideal if you can find a way to make them work. Most parents won’t have a difficult time finding a 50/50 custody schedule that is suitable for their lifestyles.

Best for the child

Assuming both parents are responsible and non-abusive, spending time equally with each parent is the best situation for children. There are valuable things they can learn from one parent that they wouldn’t from the other. Children grow up more balanced and emotionally stable when they have both parents involved in their lives.

More breaks

When you have 50/50 physical child custody, you get more breaks than you would with sole or primary physical custody During your breaks, you can wind down and return to parenting at your best once it’s your turn again for watching your child. Parents who have sole custody over their kids can often feel stressed out with trying to manage their lives and their kids’ lives day in and day out. That stress shows and can negatively impact the relationship with your children as well as other areas of your life.

More traveling

A potential downside of the 50/50 child custody arrangement is when one parent lives far away. The travel time to school is longer, which isn’t as convenient on the child. Both parents should stay within the school district or as close to their child’s school as possible to minimize travel times.

Most parents are able to make a 50/50 child custody arrangement work. There are creative schedules you can use to accommodate your situation. Remember to take into consideration what’s best for the child too as you negotiate a parenting plan.

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