How Can You Make Custody Swaps Easier?

When you’re sharing joint custody in North Carolina, dropping your child off at their other parent’s house can be hard on you. It can also be difficult for your child. Even if you have a routine set up, switching to a different house every week or so can cause a lot of added stress. Here’s some tips on making the switch easier on your child.

How can you make custody swaps easier on your child?

When it comes to child custody, you might be hesitant about filling your child in on the details, but custody swaps are one of the few times where your child should know exactly what’s going on. Inform them about the schedule ahead of time and let them know what to expect. If they have a clear schedule in mind, they may be less anxious when it’s time for the swap.

You should also communicate with your former spouse to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re having trouble getting in touch with your former spouse, you might want to talk to your family law attorney for assistance. You and your former spouse should formulate a plan together and then follow that plan as closely as possible. If your former spouse is late, is disorganized or blows off the swap altogether, you and your child might become stressed and frustrated.

How may an attorney assist you after your divorce?

Your attorney’s services don’t have to end after you finalize your divorce. You attorney may help you negotiate with your spouse after the divorce is over to ensure that you’re making the best possible decisions for your child. If your spouse suddenly disappears, your attorney may help you track them down. They might also help you deal with a difficult or argumentative former spouse.

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