Excessive Drinking and Custody Concerns

If you recently split up with your partner, there are various legal topics to consider if you have kids. For example, child support payments are an issue for many parents, whether they are supposed to receive payments or they are obligated to make payments. Another topic that many parents struggle with is child custody, and we realize that there are a number of reasons why parents are worried about their former partner’s behavior and its potential impact on their child. For example, someone likely faces these concerns when their former partner drinks an excessive amount of alcohol.

A drinking problem gets in the way of raising a child properly in different ways. Parents often become less attentive while under the influence of alcohol, which is concerning if they are intoxicated on a regular basis. Worse, some even become abusive while they drink. Unfortunately, some parents struggle with an addiction to alcohol or another substance and for those who are in the middle of a dispute over custody or plan on getting a divorce in the near future, these challenges require careful consideration.

In some cases, it is necessary for a parent to bring up a former partner’s behavior in court to ensure that the court makes the right decision with respect to child custody. The well-being of your child is imperative and if your ex’s behavior threatens your child’s security and happiness in any way, this requires a methodical approach. Please review other pages on our site to read more about custody disputes and similar topics that involve family law.

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